We are artists. We are inventors. We dream in code.

At The Farm Ventures our primary mission is to unite our team's passion with their work. People are happier and more productive when they are working on something they are truly passionate about - and the results show in the products we build.

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The Lab is dedicated to exploring new ideas. Utilizing our proprietary Dream Process, our team of inventors starts from pure ideas and brings them through to market ready products. The Lab is a place where people are free to explore, to dream, and to invent with code.

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Bad Jump Games is a boutique game studio specializing in mobile games.

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Are you sick of client work? Tired of writing code for some project you don't even like?

The Farm Ventures is looking for a passionate developer to bring both their dreams and their skills to the table as a member of our Lab team.

The Role:
This position is a full time, in person, 6 month contract. Must be able to work daily in-office in London Ontario.
Utilizing our proprietary Dream Process, you will be working on the full range of the product development lifecycle from initial idea exploration to developing a market ready product.
You will work directly with Ryan Clements, on a 2 person product development team. The team is responsible for exploring ideas together, and leaning on our Dream Process to validate ideas and bring products to market.

The Skills:
You have proven your ability to start with an idea and turn it into reality. This means you know how to code. With a full tool belt of skills from front-end to back-end and multiple languages at your disposal. You are not scared to pick up a new technology and learn it.
You are able to communicate your vision for a product or a solution. Whether this is through written communication, verbal communication, napkin drawings or design skills - you always find a way to clearly show what you are thinking.
You are a team player with a beginner's mind. You do not approach a problem as if you already know everything there is to know. You look at the details, validate your assumptions, and listen to other team member's thoughts. You expect to learn something new with every challenge you face.

Forget the resume for now. Tell me why you want this position and why you think you'd be successful in the role, and we will reach out to connect if we think there is a potential fit.